Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mother's Day is approaching!

So if your going to buy your special Mom something nice for Mother's Day it would be best to get it done early. Now to the Dads out there, the little kids especially love to buy things for their Moms. For a mom to receive a gift from to Mom from kids gifts it would make it seem more personal from the kids. I know my son loves to go shopping for me and buy me special little trinkets for me. And its the little ones that mean the most to me because they are special from him.

The kittens are a month old!

I cannot believe how fast time flies and how fast they are growing. Why is it that time flies that fast? I hope that when we make it back home, that time goes really slow so I can enjoy all my friends and family.

Hopefully I will never need.

Is a lawyer here in Arizona, I know with the recent shootings that happened earlier this year in Tucson, AZ. there was a lot of talk of the different lawyers available. I heard something about lawyer tucson but was not sure what it was. As they were speaking about having to use a lawyer outside of the city for fear of prejudice against the suspect. So they were able to hire a lawyer from another state, they are also trying to get the trial moved out of Tucson, AZ., but that is not going to happen.

I'm watching 2012.

I sure hope this show never comes true even though our weather lately has been absolutely terrible across the United States one can only hope you know? My heart breaks for those who have lost their lives to the destructive tornadoes that hit seven states. I watched the chaos unfold online, and knew there was going to be a lot of damage.

How is it?

That you can go to bed with a clear face and wake up with a huge nasty zit on your chin, nose or cheek. It makes no sense whatsoever. So I guess it would make sense that a company invent a cream to get rid of pimples overnight that way we aren't suffering with those nasty things. My teen years were awful and I know my son is currently going through this phase, so if I can find something that would be great!

Still losing!

I have to say too that it is feeling even better knowing I am losing but I feel I am at a stand still because of personal stress. So I need to remove myself from that and focus on what is important right now. That is getting healthy for ME!

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Shopping? Please?

When we moved we threw the desk we had in the garbage as it did not survive the move from Illinois to Arizona so I went to a store and bought just a regular desk. But what I really want is a Howard computer cabinet because with this place not very big I need to conserve as much space as possible. It would be easier to have a cabinet hang on the wall like you see in the hospital hallways. It is definitely a space saver for the person who lives in a place that is tight, and I do not know why I didn't think of this before.

Almost time!

To head back home to visit everyone and to meet my new little nephew who will be born in May, I am so excited and so is my son. I cannot wait, its going to be an interesting trip cause we are taking our dog Isabella.