Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A valueable lesson.

I learned in the first set of classes that I have taken last year for school, it was about retirement and thinking ahead. It really brought up a lot of things that I have not thought about, for instance social security disability which is available if something were to happen and I was not able to work. But what about retiring? I need to have a savings plan and be smart because if I am correct, my social security is going to be used up by today's retirees.

Our babies are getting big!

All five of them as they are two days old and starting to become more active as well. Mama kitty is getting a bit overwhelmed I think so I go in and help her out a bit. So I guess I will not be using any sites for free dating online anytime soon with the new mama. I guess my furbabies are a bit more important than anything else right about now. Oh wait, I have a boyfriend I think he would be a bit upset if I even thought about something like that.

Isabella is a blast!

We were outside and my son had a ball, well the dog found the ball and had a complete blast playing with it. She did it again just now, and is really good and rolling the ball herself. It was so cute!

With my diet, I should...

Start taking a multivitamin in case I am not getting enough nutrients because of my lack of eating that I happen to suffer from. I just need to remind myself to eat at least six times a day in order to lose weight sufficiently and safely instead of what is going on right now. I lose my appetite almost immediately and forget to eat, literally. I will make sure I do it right from now on because I want to be healthy again!

Teens are so hard!

Oh my word, my son is testing my limits here and I am at a crossroad on what to do next. He needs a reality check and quickly because I do not want a kid who is going to cause trouble.

Should I?

My boyfriend wants to put a surround sound system in our place and of course I would love to but I do not want some shabby set up job and wires everywhere. I would like to have Bose speakers because they have awesome sound and also look very nice. I've seen some really nice set up and that's what I want in here, to look nice and neat. Now that I am getting older, I would like nice things and things that I am proud to show off.

I remember a couple years ago, my parents had one of those Bose radios that I fell in love with the sound. It was so crystal clear and sounded great! They may not be cheap but they are worth it. In fact I think my parents still have their Bose radio and still works perfect!

My diet has changed.

Since starting this new diet, my eating has changed dramatically. I need to remind myself to eat all the time, its because the medicine suppresses my need for food. I love it and hoping to lose a few pounds and become healthier.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Watching a movie!

Its something we haven't done in awhile together and I would like to sit down and relax. So I may ask my boyfriend to go and rent some movies, and just chill today. I am not feeling the best and would like to rest. Earlier today we were out dropping my son to meet his dad so they can go riding and I saw these Ladies Hats at the store. Its not common to see specific hats like that. I am not a hat person because I have a lot of hair and that tends to have a lot of heat. I sweat enough with my living in Arizona, I do not need anymore even though hats are a necessity here.

Our Isabella is doing great!

She is still adapting to living with our crazy life but she is doing so much better. We haven't left her alone since her crazy moment two weeks ago. But she does pretty well being my shadow.