Saturday, November 27, 2010

He will not need that!

My Son is growing in leaps and bounds. Since July he's gained 13lbs and 3 inches, so he will not be needing any hgh supplements to help his growing. The doctor is amazed at how much he's grown in such a short amount of time. I guess with my being so short, he just keeps growing on me. Leaving broke because I have to keep buying new clothes for him. He's gone through so many pajama pants in the past couple of months that I am now working on a fourth pair to buy for him. I am just amazed!

I'm so tired!

I cannot wait to get to bed. Its been a long weary day and the bed is calling my name. I have a few things left to do, then its off to lala land.

Nothing like a weird conversation!

Today while driving we were talking about a television show about this gentleman who used male enhancement product and ended up going to the ER. Because he had a adverse reaction to the pill he took. Its a rare occurrence that one ends up in the ER, its just something to not mess with. That poor guy ended up having surgery to relieve his "pain" as I felt really bad for him. It just says, be safe when using any type of product for that because anyone can have a reaction, but this poor guy...was just cheating on his wife. Oops. Guess he won't be doing that any time soon.

Wonder what Christmas is going to be like?

Still trying to figure out where to put our tree. Our living room is not very big so we need to figure something out. We may have to move the computer desk for the time being, well just for Christmas anyways. That is definitely a debate here at the house.

Just gotta say!

If anyone you know or yourself have issues with going to the restroom, I know the best colon cleansers and besides the mexican food, it really works. See I have issues with whatever I eat and have to take supplements to help ease the issue later on. I do not like having to plan around my meals. It seems if we need to go to the store and then eat, that's the order I plan. Because after I eat, all bets are off. My tummy just does not agree with any type of food.

My Mama is here!

She is visiting from Illinois and I am enjoying every minute I have with her. She goes home next weekend so I really want to have quality time with her. She means the world to me and she really doesn't know how much. So having her here, is the most awesome time!

Friday, November 12, 2010

While waiting at the gym!

They have all these magazines for you to read in the waiting room. While sitting there for my Son to complete his school at the on site classroom I was reading a magazine about the phentirmene 37.5mg and how effective it is for weight loss. Its very tempting but I guess I am still nervous about taking any type of pills. As I told my doctor I would fail at being a drug addict because I strongly dislike taking pills or getting needles. Its just not my cup of tea and again, I would fail as a drug addict. Not that there is anything wrong with taking medicines, I guess my stomach is not strong and I get nausea too easily.

In two days!

We are going to the second to final race of the Nascar Chase. I am so excited I will get to see my favorite driver hopefully up close in the pits. It sure does mean a lot to me that we are finally able to get in the pits. I hope I do not let my Son down with seeing his driver.

Changing schools and joining the Gym!

The last couple of weeks have been a big pain the toe for me as I have switched my son's school and joined a gym for better health for myself. Its been a long time coming and I really need to lose some of this excess weight. I want to be healthy. I really would like to find some weight loss pills that work and that does not cause me to become jittery and my heart racing. I remember I did that YEARS ago and I did not like the feeling. I really got sick and called a friend who told me what to do. I do not remember what she told me but whatever it was, I remember it working. Just remember to always read labels!

Found out he has allergies!

My son that is, he has allergies but we do not know what he has allergies too. The doctor is thinking desert pollen so he wants to have him tested. I am not sure on that because I do not want my son to be a human pin cushion. So we are giving it another couple of weeks to see where this takes him.