Friday, October 22, 2010

Running so behind!

I have an assignment due Sunday for my class and I am so running out of time. I have to run my son to the doctor for his sinuses, I am glad I do not have to worry about Medicare part D plan for him and that his insurance is covered. I found out my insurance has been cut down, so my healthy woman checkup is no longer covered. Arizona is a state that is in bad shape because of the border and the amount of people that are on the system here. I am also going to find out if I can get a refill on my heartburn medicine because I am having more issues at night again.

I just may want to.

Start taking better care of my face, its all I will ever have if you think about it. I do not use any kinds of face creams or lotions, or even soaps. My face is extremely sensitive to any type of soaps but maybe I really need to look into deep wrinkle treatment before I jump the gun. I have wrinkles under my eyes and they bother me especially when I have pictures taken you can see the wrinkles they stick out like a sore thumb. So when I do take pictures I am very self conscious!

My Mom got another dog.

Its another Chihuahua and its a female, but she is not doing so well in the potty department. I feel bad for my mom because she is trying so hard to make sure she is comfortable in their house.

When we moved!

My boyfriend was on the hunt for a good while looking for jobs before we moved to Arizona, he did not care what the job would be for even one of those production jobs that actually do pay well. Right now he is working for a company that comes out of Nogales, AZ and Nogales, Mexico. So his day consists of waiting for trucks to come up, he counts, stocks and sends out shipments to companies all over the United States. Its a pretty neat set up for him and he really enjoys his job. Except they work him like a dog and he works a lot of hours.

Enjoying cinnamon rolls!

Yes, I am and they are so good! Then off to the doctor, I know sometime this weekend we are going to buy a carpet cleaner because having cats and carpet you really need to make sure you clean up any possible messes. We have cats outside, and one of our girls is marking her territory because she is not fixed well, that will soon change.

Something we see all the time..

But it was something that was not really talked about back in the day. I remember the days where people would not talk about their personal lives as people thought it was a form of embarrassment. Life is so different now because on a daily basis on the television there are tons of commercials for natural male enhancement pills and how they help couples with their lives. I thank goodness and my lucky stars that I do not have to worry about that right now, but with age it may change. I hope not but only time will tell.

Switching schools!

I am switching my Son's school because I felt as if he was not getting the education he deserved, its been a tough choice but decided to get it done as soon as possible. I got his computer from the school all packed up, and ready to go back. Just waiting to hear back from the school itself. I called yesterday morning, no response, then called back and the person was not in the office. So I left a message, and I am still waiting. I do not like waiting, I have things to get done and its prolonging my Sons education. So it looks like I will be calling again!

So, extremely excited!

Its almost Christmas time and I cannot wait to decorate. I already started decorating for fall because its one of my most favorite times of year. But I think this year we are going to add some red led christmas lights to our blue and white Christmas tree. Not to be patriotic but its a beautiful color and I really miss having all kinds of colors on my tree. I am also wondering too where we are going to put our tree because its not a very big room to add a tree. I will time will tell here soon once Thanksgiving is done. We already decorate right after Thanksgiving!


My Son has not been feeling well at all lately, I am worried about his sinus issues. I am thinking that we need to have him checked this morning because a 13 year old should not be having issues with his sinuses. So I have a few things to do, then we are out the door.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I need a Better vacation!

I really want to get away and explore the country. I finally was able to go to California and put my feet in the ocean for the first time, well the Pacific ocean that is. Now my goal is to put my feet in the Atlantic Ocean! So maybe I need to take a trip to the East coast and possibly stay at the Outer Banks vacation rentals because I have heard so many positive things about people staying there and living like they are at home. Instead of a hotel room with an uncomfortable bed that's usually hard and lumpy. I have seen these rentals on TV and they look so beautiful!

Well, the bridge is open!

We recently went to Las Vegas and was able to go over Hoover Dam, which I've heard through the grapevine that we will no longer be able to drive over the dam. The new bridge is awfully high and looks so very scary so I am nervous about going back to Vegas again. But should be a beautiful view and a neat place to take pictures of the dam!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hopefully, some day it will be mine.

After our trip to Las Vegas and walking around for 9 hours, I had blisters on my feet. It hurt so bad but I let it go and did not bother it. Everyone told me to pop it but I knew otherwise because if you pop them it leaves a entry way for infection. That is something I do not need right now. But anyways, after seeing all them beautiful people in Las Vegas and their knock out bodies, I would like to have my own weight loss success stories and be able to stand tall and be proud. I want to be able to look at someone in my past and say, there...too bad. I was yours once, and will never be yours again. Because he told me if I ever got skinny he would take me back. Now that was pretty low of him to say that.

Set the date!

We have decided on a date for us to finally get married, I have been not wanting to for a while now cause I was worried about things but I figured if I do not take the chance how will I ever know?