Saturday, August 07, 2010

Someday I will ask.

What exactly my Boyfriend does at his job. I don't know, I don't know if he handles industrial hand wheels or drives a forklift truck. I just don't know. I know he loads and unloads semis. I dropped him off on Thursday and there were semis lined up all along the street. I felt bad because its not exactly cool temps out there. He works really hard at his job. I am just grateful that he is working at a good place finally and enjoys what he's doing. He leaves here on the 31st to head to Iowa, as he is buying a car from his parents so he's flying there and driving back. I can't wait, finally a car with air conditioning.

Had a cool car chase last night!

I didn't expect to see it live right on TV and it literally freaked me out. I felt bad for what happened to the two people that were hit by the driver who hijacked the car. It was a man and woman, both were arrested and hopefully soon we will find out why they did it.

Almost done!

I've been working on getting place looking good for when my company arrives. I am almost done. Tomorrow will be the icing on the cake when our last minute stuff will be done. I have to text and find out when I can meet to get my Son from his dad tomorrow cause I don't like waiting to late in the after noon. One thing I need to think about next time I go online looking for insurance, is that most of the time companies are looking for a life insurance lead as well. See when I took my Son to meet his Dad, I didn't have my insurance papers and was afraid I could get a ticket. So I had to go online and print out that information before I left.

Thought I'd never watch it.

I don't know what it is about the Jersey Shore that is so popular, all they are is a bunch of drunk tan people from Jersey sleeping with anyone that will sleep with them. And now they are in Miami, I think its disgusting that they are out there taking advantage of drunk people, placing them in bad situations. I didn't think MTV had moved to this level. I love the other shows, but this one is just gross.

I need it!

When I get some money I have to invest in a new scanner with some scanning software that way I can start scanning some papers that are important, and shred others that aren't important. I am tired of always having so many papers. Yes, I hoard them for fear of someone taking my personal information. Especially here in Arizona, it happens every day to people. Well, I'm not getting anything done by just sitting here. I see a bag of garbage staring back at me. Yes, I am queen of procrastinating. I'm just nervous for my family's trip here right now. They just arrived in Missouri. Wish they'd hurry up!

I am running so behind.

I've had some things I needed to get done online and I keep procrastinating all day long. I can't get motivated to do anything. I did get the bookshelf built and the shower curtain up. I guess its all last minute things to get done before my family arrives.

Our Air was wonky.

Last weekend our air conditioner was acting all weird. It kept running and running, non stop. So I ended up turning it off and noticed that the heat was turned all the way down, which for some reason kept it running. So we took the filter out as it was extremely dirty. Also found out that we need to clean our refrigerator filters as well because if you get a build up of hair, dust and dirt. It can cause it work harder in turn using more energy. We watch our energy use here very carefully cause our electricity is pre-paid and we know exactly how much we are using each and every day.

Been changing.

My Son's room colors. He's had everything from The Cars, Spiderman, Camouflage and now its a grey/black color. With black curtains. I decided that since he's now 13 years old he needed a more mature look. I just can't believe how fast my Son is growing up. Is there a time machine to slow down this process?

During dinner last night.

There were these two older ladies and they were having the strangest conversation as it kept jumping around from one subject to another. For instance one minute she was showing the other lady her scar on her knee from a surgery then jumped to dieting and using some herbal phentermine and I looked at them. Of course shook my head in dismay because you don't pull your pant leg up and show everyone your leg. I was a bit confused because it was a nice restaurant. Its also the same place I am taking my parents to when they arrive. I hope they enjoy it as much as I do. I know sometime next week, we are going to the Heart Attack Grill. Its going to be a blast!

Yep, watching MTV

I am watching Teen Mom on MTV, about these girls that were portrayed in 16 and Pregnant. And now that their babies are born they are still dealing with either putting their child up for adoption or keeping their child. And this one couple are fighting to be together and dealing with putting their child up for adoption, its sad.

I start soon!

School that is, on the 16th to be exact. I am so excited. I can't wait to get started. I hope that I don't fail. Its my biggest fear is not being able to come to grips with everything as I had problems with the thread on where our assignments are posted. The best thing is now I don't have to worry about having to find a place to sell books back after class is done. I remember when I went to college years ago I got to sell books back for a small amount but it was better than nothing. I sure miss those days of attending college and sitting in a classroom with a whole bunch of strangers who are all after the same goal as you are. A better education!

Can I fast forward time?

To at least this time tomorrow? I hope my parents trip here is safe and quick. I can't wait to see them. My tummy is in knots right now. LITERALLY!