Friday, July 30, 2010

Perfect timing....NOT!

My body has not been regular for a long, long time. You know that commercial on TV where that lady shows up at the wrong time to wreak havoc on the woman? Yes, that's what I am talking about. It always shows up at the wrong time, for instance...yesterday! The last one I had was so bad, I had the worst stomach cramps and thank goodness it wasn't like I needed hemorrhoids treatment or anything. That would of been the total icing on the cake for me. I am now starting the cramp phase and its making me sick. I need to go find some pain reliever so I will be able to finish what needs to get done here and that I started this morning. So wish me luck!

I've been busy!

When it comes to organizing, make sure you organize right. When we moved in, I put things everywhere. Kind of irritating when your looking for something and its in an area where it shouldn't be. So today, I moved some dishes to a cabinet that is odd. I mean it could be used for glass and cups, but I had food there. So I put all the food into another cupboard. There is no food pantry here, so I have to make due with what I have. I just want my place to look nice for when my parents come out.

At the end of August!

We will finally have another car, I am so excited. I never thought that having only one car was going to be this rough on me. I figure I better get to work on getting some insurance quotes so we have insurance before my Boyfriend leaves. See his Parents have a car and my Boyfriend wants to buy it, but its in Iowa. So he will be flying out at the end of August and driving back. But at least, we will have another car...WITH AIR CONDITIONING. See my van doesn't have air and it gets very warm in the van without air.

What a week its been!

On Monday, I had an appt. with a local college here in Phoenix and little did I know what was going to come of my visit. I found that I was able to return to school and finish my degree. So this coming Monday, I have orientation! I am so excited! So now, I am working on getting the house together before school starts and before my family arrives from Illinois.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The love of music.

I grew up listening to all kinds of music, from Juice Newton to AC/DC. So of course growing up as a teenager it was one of the most difficult times in my life. No one understood me. Or as it seemed. Being in high school, everyone judges you by your looks, weight and hair. I had learned that there were a lot of girls that used appetite suppressants because they thought they were too fat. When in reality, it was their friends saying they were and they were perfectly fine. I stayed skinny all through high school and now realized all the negativity that teenagers give off nowadays. A friend of mine's Daughter right now is having issues, says she cries all the time and thinks her life sucks. I have tried to tell her, that yes I do understand...of course her being a teenager. She disagrees. I give up, I too was a teenage girl once and yes its the hardest time in life.

Hoping for a miracle.

I am currently a Pampered Chef Consultant, and have recently found a whole new line of customers. But I know personally I won't be able to get my order status in, in time. I want to keep it, as I know my neighbors are interested in their products. Like I said, hoping for a miracle!

Love my place here so much!

Every time we pull into our parking lot, I tell my Boyfriend how much I love living here. Its quiet, calm and very laid back. I love all the new appliances and love, LOVE my kitchen faucet. Its not a Kohler kitchen faucet but its got a button that I can change the flow. I didn't find it til' about a month later. I know funny, but very true as I found it by accident. I am still also not used to having a dishwasher. But I don't use it very often as I should. I guess I don't want to waste energy. Especially when I can do it myself and get it done a lot faster.

Today my goal is to take some pictures again. I've kinda laid off taking pictures. I need to explore and enjoy what I love to do.


My Son comes home, and I am going to give him a huge HUG. I wonder if he ever got a haircut. I was trying to find a place to get it done before we dropped him off but no luck. He has been wanting the Justin Bieber haircut look. But his Step Mom is against, and I kindly reminded her that HE IS MY SON, and I don't tell her how to have her Son's hair cut. She needs to NOT step on my toes and he is MY SON and I gave birth to him. Yes, I am still aggravated that she did it without my permission.

Hopefully before they come.

I know my Parents are coming to visit, but we are not sure when. I really wish I could find some quick weight loss products somewhere. But I guess doing extra exercise will have to work, and swim more at the pool. I know the move has been a positive one health wise, and wouldn't trade it for anything. But I will say, I truly miss my family. I didn't think it would be this hard but I know they are only a phone call away still. I talk to my Mom daily, even if its through text and I think we may have missed a day or two. But still talk to her or my Dad. I miss my Nieces and Nephews like crazy!!! I feel like I am missing out on their lives and watching them grow.

On Thursday Night.

I had gotten a phone call from Shazam, asking if I had made a purchase in the amount of $214.47. I said no, I am no where to make a purchase as I am in my car driving and have been for about a half hour. She then said that someone made a purchase and that my card is now a HOT card basically if its used again, that where its used the police will be notified. But the thing is, I have my card. Someone used my numbers on the card to try and charge stuff. Well it got stopped and immediately frozen. But I have no access to my account now. I am so upset over this. I have bills to pay!!!

Too many commercials!

That consist of weight loss and diet pills, the latest one I've seen is the one that says to stop drinking your diet from a tin can. Which is so very true, there is a taste that comes with that tin can, so maybe with the new weight loss drinks that are out. That maybe they don't have that tin can taste. I am always up for trying new things.

But with the things that have happened in the past 24 hours, I have to put myself on alert. I had a life changing happen to me and I want to make sure everyone else knows, and to watch their spending habits.

Watching Kimora!

I absolutely love her show, she is such a diva with good tendencies. She is a new Momma to a sweet little boy. And on this show, she is moving into her new home and there has been nothing but issues with getting her stuff. I feel the same way, if I was having someone move my stuff and there were all these roadblocks, like checking shipments being held at the Nevada border and then having a permit to deliver stuff to your home. I would be upset as well. Oh and I love the beds that she had made for her two little girls. I wish I could live like that!!!

I'm not losing weight!!!

I am irritated, I need to change my diet or find some diet pills that work. If not I am not going to lose any weight...PERIOD. I am frustrated and the weather hasn't been the greatest for a couple of days due to the impending monsoon storm that flooded out Flagstaff, AZ. Which eventually came here, but we also have not had a recent wildfire. I feel awful for everyone up North who have been affected because who would of thought of flooding being on a mountain.

Boy what a week!

My Son has been gone to his Dad's for almost two weeks tomorrow. I can't wait for him to be home with me again!!! I miss him so much! He's going to come back a different kid. School will be starting here on the 9th, and I am homeschooling him this year. I am not happy with the school he attended when we first moved here so I took matters into my own hands. If I fail at this, then I am at a loss.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I keep getting headaches.

Not sure what is going on, but I may go to the doctor on Monday and find out what's going on. I went to google and typed in headache causes and one of the links they suggested had nothing to do with my headache, it sent me to so maybe it could be a link to why I have a headache. I need to check my diet and see what is the cause, maybe its too much caffeine or salt. I don't know. Its got me stumped. I roll my neck and it pops. Then my headache is temporarily is gone. So maybe its a pinched nerve or something?

Just when you think..

You see something, something else catches your eye. Out here in Arizona, it is the retirement capital of the world. Not kidding you, when you walk into any discount store, or drug store they always have displays for wrinkle removers . I am serious, the first time we walked into three different stores that is the first thing you see out here. Its like they are targeting a certain age. In one city alone, its strictly a retirement community. There are golf carts everywhere, no cars but golf carts. If I remember correctly, there was a show on TV that showed a police officer pulling over a golf cart, and the gentlemen that was driving was a bit tipsy. He was upset he was being pulled over and that his Wife was going to be really mad at him. But you can't drink and drive!!!

Not looking forward to waking up early.

We have to wake up at 4:30am, but I am worried that we are suppose to have our first Monsoon overnight and it could cause flooding here in Arizona. We have been warned, over and over again. And they keep telling people about potential flooding. So I may wake up at 4am and check the weather. I am nervous, excited and worried that we will make it to the airport on time. My heart is a nervous wreak right now.

I just might now.

After breaking today and seeing myself in the mirror today, and after reading those apidexin reviews I just may do something about it. I mean, I exercise every time I go swimming by doing laps. I do at least two or three but I really should do more each time I go. But with the heat here, we have to watch our water intake. We can over heat ourselves easily. They are telling people to make sure you have extra water with you at all times. Cause once you stop sweating, then your in trouble.

The kids leave tomorrow morning!

I am excited for them but sad for us. We are going to miss them like crazy, we loved having them here. But I know their Mom misses them as well. I can just imagine that she's gonna hug them forever once they are back.

Count to three...1,...2....3...forget it I am upset!

I guess I need a pull up bar right now so I can take my frustrations out. One of my pampered chef plates just got broke, I am trying not to lose my cool. It was an accident, but just the idea those plates are really expensive. I will make my Boyfriend buy some more. At $22 for two bet. And its not like I can walk into any store and purchase the stuff. I have to order it and wait for it be delivered. I guess I just need to go take a hot bath and try not to think about it.

Just a little ticked at the moment.

I guess if I want something done right, I need to do it myself and if I break something then I need to blame myself. One of my Pampered Chef plates just got broke. OMG. I am devastated right now!!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

While doing research!

For my Boyfriends Son, I found this pronexin that could be the solution to his acne issue. And just maybe, it could come in handy when my Son gets to that point in his teen years as well.

My Son is growing so fast, and it just scares me senseless to even think about it. He isn't my baby anymore. I am just not happy about it. I miss my little boy, my sweet little boy who just runs around the house with a big old smile on his face. Now he's this 5'1 tall with a attitude just like his Dads. I really want my baby back.

With today's remedies!

We really need to look into them, instead of going to the doctor for every little thing. I know people who really freak out over little things, I know almost everyone has issues with their rump. So maybe using a little dr natura colonix it would help you with your issues. I know you are probably thinking I am nuts, but I am serious. Sometimes home remedies do the trick. I had to use a home remedy just the other day on my Boyfriends Daughter, she got stung by a bee. So I came home and made the baking soda paste, within minutes she was fine. No pain.

My nose is peeling!!!

And it bites. I guess it keeps getting burned over and over again. So now I am dealing with a pink nose. I apply sunscreen on my face every day. But today, it was out of the ordinary for some reason. My chest area got burned and wow!!

I feel bad for him.

My Boyfriends Son that is, he has a issue with taking his shirt off. Its not that he's fat or anything its just he has acne, so I am going to go and look for some back acne treatment and see if we can't help him. He is going to be 19 years old, and still suffers from it. I guess I forgot that you still suffer acne for years after being a teenager.

I am hoping my Son doesn't get it too bad. He's got really nice skin right now and he just turned 13 years old. So his only concern is acne on his nose. Poor kid!

Teenagers are rough!

Right now its been a rough road with my Boyfriends daughter, she is constantly texting but I know she is hiding something. Her Dad grabbed her phone and she completely flipped. So I guess now, she needs to learn to delete things that she doesn't want people to see.