Friday, March 19, 2010

Won't need that!

Our new place here has been redone on the inside, its been repainted, new bathrooms and all new appliances in the kitchen. We also have two bathrooms. I've never had a place with two bathrooms before, well actually back when I was a kid myself. So we won't be needing a mesothelioma lawyer anytime soon. I feel pretty safe in this place. We did find out it wasn't the safest neighborhood but so far we haven't heard anything or seen anything out of the ordinary. We have our own parking spot, its reserved and we have a pool here too!! Now that's awesome!

I'm ready for bed.

I am tired now, and ready to hit the sack. So now I am wondering if we are going to open the window in the bedroom again and put the fan in the window. I slept so good last night.

Sure wish...

I could find the cure for Wrinkles. I hate having my pictures taken cause it looks like I have these HUGE bags under my eyes. I've been reading some strivectin reviews and I am just not sure. But willing to try anything. I hate having the luggage under my eyes all the time. But since moving here, I've been sleeping so good. And actually right now, I can't wait to get to bed. I look forward to sleeping every night now. Instead of finding it to be a task to actually go to bed and lay there knowing that the house you are in, wasn't the best place.

Plants the seeds.

I went and bought some flower seeds yesterday, so I am hoping they actually grow. I chose the heat and drought resistant ones too. We have a couple months before it gets too hot. I was informed that our Summers here are like our Winters back home...nothing grows. So the best time to plant vegetables in in the fall time. I can't wait to see how this year goes. I also was informed that it will take about a year for our bodies to adapt to this climate.

While at the store.

I was walking the aisles looking for the cat liter when I walked past the pharmacy area and this old couple was discussing colonix reviews and I couldn't help but giggle about it. He was arguing with her about it and I don't know who was right about the whole situation but thought it was so sweet to see that they still had spark in their relationship and they were well into their 80's. I keep forgetting that we moved to a retirement town. So many places around here that are 55+ living places. Which is nice cause then you don't have to work about them young couples with young kids.

Had a good lunch today!

We went to this chinese restaurant and we didn't know it was their Grand Opening today. It was good, I know my Mom would love it. They didn't have a whole lot of variety but it was good. I usually don't eat the rice, but it was really good today. I like it sweet and it definitely was sweet.

Need to tell him.

My Boyfriend that is, that I have found the best acne treatment because I've noticed that he gets it around his nose in the crease area. I usually get mine on my chin. I think we should only get it around when we are teenagers, not when we are in our 30's, 40's or even 50's. Its NUTS!

Which reminds me, I need to make an appointment. Its time for my check up and to check everything including my cholesterol levels. I need to find out if I do need to take any medicine to help control it or not.


I am going to upload some pictures to my Flickr. I have tons of my move to Arizona that I want to share with everyone. Also to share with a friend of mine back home. He is originally from California, so I know he will appreciate seeing my pictures.

Just maybe....or NOT.

After eating certain foods, especially chinese food I feel like I've just had a herbal colon cleanse because I usually have to run and find a restroom as soon as possible. It wasn't so nice today after hiking half way up the hill only to return down quickly to find a restroom. I hate that!!

I may have to make an appt. with the doctor to find out why certain foods just go right thru me. I am sorry to so much and in not too much detail. I know its kind of like eating spaghetti and watching a autopsy show with the intestines showing.

A good weekend!

My Son is finally spending time with his Dad, its been since last July/August since he's got to spend time with them. I also needed this break from him. I love my Son so very much but I too need a break sometimes. He gets to start school on Monday, so I am hoping he adjusts well to it.

Not anytime soon.

Will we be going on vacation, its like we are on a permanent vacation. Its not one of those Outer Banks vacation rental or anything, but a all year round weather being nice. You can't get this back in Illinois. It gets very cold back home and I guess its where we lived that made it so worse. Our house was always so cold in the winter time and so very hot in the summer. There was no insulation in the house whatsoever and the landlord didn't care about the house. Here in our new condo its so much better!!! Its perfect!

As I said on my other blog.

We have started a exercise routine, we now go hiking/walking everyday. I know in my heart this will help us in the long run. I want to be able to have a good time and not be out of breath.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Makes me wonder!

I noticed that some of the people around here are kind of buff, I wonder if they are taking any of those bodybuilding supplements to help them bulk up? But then again, maybe its their nature to look buff.

Well, I better get going. I have a lot to get done today, and right now my license is number one priority. It expired last month and I got a permit to move here. Little did I know the stress of the move it would put on me worrying about my license plate. Well we will see how today goes. Hopefully smooth!!

Running out for a bit.

We have to go to the DMV and get our license plate changed to AZ. I so can't wait to be legal again. Right now my plates are expired. Oops. But I had a permit to move here.

The whole trip.

I thought I was going to listen to music and such on one of my ipods but did that happen? Um, No. Only because I was focused on the road. I made it to New Mexico all by myself. I wanted that freedom of being on the road and being by myself. Knowing now I can make it home if I have too. I loved it too. The open road, seeing new things and of course while being in Kansas seeing these two fighter jets training. Now that was awesome. We stayed in 3 different hotels, all the same name. The last one, was a nightmare. It was disgusting.

We are moved!!

Boy what a trip that was, not sure if I could handle doing that again anytime soon. It was rough but it really wasn't that bad coming out. It was the animals more than anything. I felt so bad for them. But they are adjusting quite well now. Thanks goodness!!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

After tonight and the semis.

I should of went ahead and gotten them lowest cost term life insurance quotes cause ...WOW!!! I really scared myself earlier with the way the semi drivers were driving all over the road and all. It was making me nuts. I kept at the speed limit and did my best not to get in anybody's way if you know what I mean.

I decided it was best to stop at a hotel with the critters and sleep. I was getting tired and I miss my bed terribly. I can't wait til' the move is done and over with.

Well, here we are.

Right now I am in Iowa somewhere...I hate this cold weather, I know tomorrow will be a warmer day!!! I can't wait. I am really tired and I need to get to bed.

Having cats makes you...

Lose your appetite half the time, if the food doesn't agree with them they gack it up. Its so gross that you don't need any weight loss products. Just the other night, my one cat who takes stress heavily freaked out and made herself so sick. That she gacked and then my scavenger cat decided to do something really gross. Let's just say, I pretty much lost my appetite for the rest of the night. So gross. But hey I love them all so much.

Have I mentioned?

How big our house is going to be out in Arizona? He said around 1,400 sq. feet. Its twice the size of this house. SO hopefully we don't buy anymore stuff. Because all of our stuff fits in a 24ft truck. Wow!!

Here's the answer!

To losing weight quickly. Its called Stress. I am under a butt load of stress right now and its scaring me. So I won't be needing any weight loss supplements any time soon. At least until we are moved that is. After this mornings adventure into the bathroom, I know...TMI. I am really stressed. Once I am in my new house, I will be okay. Well things are not getting done by sitting here on the computer. Even the kitties are trying to tell us its time to get going!!!

Having some crazy dreams.

I had one earlier and it cracks me up. I don't want to relive that one at all. There is so much to do this morning and I want to get it all done. I have to get a oil change, kitty volume and water bill paid. I so can't wait.

Thinking, he's gonna need.

My boyfriend is wanting to be healthier after our move to Arizona, so maybe I should go look for some vitamins for men and then some vitamins for me. I know we are going to eliminate certain fried foods as well. No longer going to be eating out, as that is the main source of our weight gain. I really want to be more healthier in my flight to lose this unwanted weight!! Its my ultimate goal!!! I did notice thought that my rings are loose, and I had just gotten a new ring and had it sized, well I may have to have it sized back. Oops.


Today is the day the landlord is coming to inspect the old house. I can't wait, its like the final step in our move. I so cannot wait!!!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Stuff you don't want to know.

I was talking with someone earlier and she was telling me about her colon experience. She said she had to do one of those colon cleanse reviews and she was unsure how to do that. So she was asking me, and I told her. That I had no clue about what she had to do. I am thinking maybe I should ask my Doc about it myself. I know I have issues and should get to the "bottom" of it...get it? I know I'm a dork! Oh well. I'm tired...going to bed now. I will finish up my stuff to do first thing in the morning!.

The cat scared itself.

It was hilarious, we were sitting here. Jonathan is playing on his PSP and the cat walked up to the box, put his foot on it, it moved and he jumped about a foot off the ground.

I found the trick!

To some quick weight loss, plan a move and pack all your food away!! It really works. I did it myself and I think I lost about 5lbs in one day. I kept myself moving and didn't eat all day til' around 7:30pm when my Sister bought everyone pizza. Which was so, so nice of her. I can't thank her enough. This next week alone my diet is pretty much shot. We are not eating fast food so that helps me out. I did buy my comfort food. Chicken in a Basket crackers and the canned yummy!!!

Everyone doesn't like change.

Is a popular saying, and I know I am having a issue and so is my Son. We are camped out on the floor because our beds are packed on the truck. I can't wait to sleep in my bed again. I hate this.

We need some new furniture!!!

The couch and loveseat that we have now, is getting torn up by the cats. I wish they made some cat repellent so we could at least buy some modern furniture. But I know they don't unless its really expensive which I know I cannot afford. Unless I win the lottery of course then I would have the money to buy a nice big house. Then move all my family to live in the same state as me. Or better yet, buy a big piece of land, and build our own neighborhood with lots of privacy fences. You know about them nosey neighbors.

Its been crazy!!

We have spent the past month packing and packing, cleaning, then packing. I have never seen such a mess but we got it all done. The truck is packed to the rim and full. I can't believe how fast this past month has went. But here we are, this close to being in a warmer state. We had a HUGE pile of junk that got picked up finally today. I am so relieved that its gone. I no longer have that image stuck in front of my face.