Sunday, January 10, 2010

Doing my research..

I will be returning to learn my Business Information Technology degree, but attending college is not in my future. So I was given some information about Western Governors University. Which is a nationally accredited college which happens to have an online degree courses available. Where you are able to finish your work in the comfort of your own home even in your pajamas. Sounds good huh? I would say so.

I also like the idea of being able to transfer my credits to another school if I chose to continue my education at a college itself. But what's even more important the one difference between Western Governors and a College itself, is getting the support or mentoring. Most colleges you have to wait til' the next day to get the help. But with Western Governors you will have an assigned mentor who will help you until you graduate. So basically its a safe system, and your not switching out people every year or not knowing who is going to help you. You have ONE person the entire time. To me that seems better.

Now too, Western Governors offers a teaching program too, as I know quite a few people who want to teach. Most people would think you need to be in a classroom. There are so many colleges that offer, but only a couple online universities offers great courses.

I am very impressed by what Western Governors offers and very pleased with all that I have read from their website. Go check it out and see for yourself all the benefits from them.

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