Monday, April 06, 2009

Have you ever noticed?

That certain perfumes smell good on others, and then you put it on yourself and its not what you expected. So of course I am searching for the right perfume to fit me. I want something that smells wonderful and leaves a person wondering.

I did come across a site that lists perfume, some that are very well known and some that are new. I think what makes that site so easily accessible and very easy to navigate is how they have the perfumes in alphabetical order. Instead of all over the place. I like that. Oh and too, if you answer a few simple questions you can get a 10% discount code when you finish one your next order. How cool is that? Made it easier for me to find the ones I was looking for.

They have men and womens perfumes, along with gift sets, minis and testers. I am going to buy the testers myself, so I can find out which one interests me. I would dislike spending X amount of money on something that wouldn't work for me. I did find one that I have smelled before in a store but there was no way I was going to spend that much for it. It was LaCoste, and it smells so good. And it works for me. I got lucky and got my Celine Dion on clearance but still looking for something I can wear on a nice evening out with my Boyfriend. I know he would probably like some cologne as well.

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