Sunday, February 08, 2009

Some people think...

I am too overprotected of my Son, I have good reason. He is my only child, he is my responsibility and he is all I ever wanted since I was a little girl. I go and sit at this school for 40 minutes til' he's out. I hate the parking up there, so I have a designated spot and I even made sure it was ok with the guy who lives on the corner by where I park. He said I was the first ever to ask to park there. I also noticed he was walking with a limp one day, so I asked what happened. He said he had gotten hurt at work. I then said, is that the reason why I saw you at the unemployment office. He goes yes, my boss fired me for having surgery so he had went to talk to them. That was a big, NO NO per state regulations. So they gave him the phone number for a Chicago accident attorney that would then help him with his case. Because of lost wages, pain and suffering he did not deserve to lose his job over a required surgery that would of ended in death if not done. I haven't talked to him about the outcome, cause I don't want to be nosey but I do hope it turns out good for him.

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