Sunday, February 08, 2009

My Friend...

Is or was having issues with their Linksys router and not being able to get their laptop hooked up to the internet. Her Brother installed it, and entered a password and now he doesn't remember it. I feel so bad because, I am not a expert on that kind of stuff. I don't use that router because I use the one from ATT. So I told her, she needs to contact them and see what they say. Their computer that its hooked up too, is also running extremely slow. It seems, a certain person is putting all kinds of stuff on their and not paying attention to what they are downloading. And that's...a NO NO. Kids really need to be educated on downloading information and software. My Son doesn't touch or do anything unless, I am right there with him. I watch his every move on the computer. Plus he limited on time, he only gets a few minutes each day.

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