Sunday, December 14, 2008

Once the holidays are done.

I am making it a necessity to lose this excess weight like everyone else in this world who tends to overeat for the holidays. I just need to find the right diet pills to help aid this loss of weight.

I am wanting to get the energy back, to run, walk, and enjoy life without losing breath. Or my back killing me from walking too much. And for me always being so tired. If I could sleep all day, I could. But I make myself stay awake otherwise I don't sleep at night. I think I am suffering from insomnia. The last couple of nights its been crazy.

I guess I am worried too much about Christmas, and buying gifts for the kids. Even though we got the kids their *********** and ********. I am blanking that out right now cause Makayla, my BF's daughter is being nosey...She thinks I am going to slip on what we got her. She thinks she knows...but wow. If she only knew it was really

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