Wednesday, October 15, 2008

When I...

Got my new cell phone awhile back, the guy told me that the phone I chose has a MP3 player in it. So he said that I have the option to purchase a micro sd card for my phone. So my sweet boyfriend bought me one last Friday cause it was on sale. I was so excited, it was a 2 Gig card and I have put some music on it already and my Son thinks its really cool. He wants me to add some of his fave songs to it so he can listen to them on the way to school. I know he's getting older which means...trouble. He's gonna be a music person like I was. I was always into the up to date stuff.

Ok, I just had a shock to the system. My Son took a bath without being asked. I am happy he took it upon himself to do that. I usually have to beg him to shower.

Well, I just updated my laptop. I took off all the pictures I had on here after I burned them all. I also removed programs that I no longer needed. I amazed myself and opened up over 30GB's on this badboy. So I am hoping now it will run alot faster, even though I have now over 140gbs available. Whoot!

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