Saturday, October 04, 2008


Everyone that reads my blogs knows that I recently bought a new pair of shoes. I am still looking for another pair. I may be the only female in this world that doesn't own more than one pair of shoes. Why? Because I never had the need....until now. Now I need another pair that I can just slip on. I am extremely picky on my shoes. So while browsing online, I found these shoes on a site called BlowfishShoe.

I really fell in love with these casual shoes called the HoBo Surf. They look so comfy and I really want a pair. I have to wait until next week to purchase them. They remind me of Hobbit shoes. I guess that is where they got the name for them. I also found them at a local retailer here in town. So come next Friday. I will own me a pair of these babies.

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