Thursday, October 23, 2008

One show down..

One more in less than hour. I love my Thursday Night shows.

Now, my Boyfriend will be getting up here in a little bit to go to his third shift job. His job as a material handling is something I am not a fan off. His clothes smell like steel. he handles raw steel bars at his job. He is also a crane operator. But will say, I enjoy having the whole entire bed to myself. Whoot!

Well my Son just made himself some chocolate milk. How sweet of him to make himself some...and he didn't make a mess neither. I bought a huge thing of Hershey Syrup to keep refilling the bottle. I can't believe how long its lasted Well, I still have some things to get done. Like my Guest packets.

Short day tomorrow for school, then no school for a week. Can you say? Sleeping in!!!!!!

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