Sunday, September 21, 2008

You know what's funny?

Is how when you go to school to learn a trade. And some of the things we learn we laugh at. And we actually use later on in life after our time at school. If I am confusing you, I honestly don't mean to but its true. A friend of mine took a class with me to learn Networking hardware at school. We had to learn how to make our own Cat5 plug. So the other day I was visiting her house and the comment came up about having a Cat5e Keystone jack and having one at her work. I thank goodness I knew what she was talking about because anyone who doesn't know anything about stuff like that it would totally confuse you.

She runs her own office so she gets to set-up office stuff if she wants and organize it the way she wants. She also was telling me about this awesome copier she has. She is so lucky to own this on her own.

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