Tuesday, September 09, 2008

While I was shopping today..

I had to go buy some stuff for a recipe I am making. I had actually made this recipe on Saturday and it turned out so good that I am making it again. I am making those Texas Sheet cake brownies, you know with the frosting that is just like fudge. Oh my goodness, its absolutely awesome. I may hide them this time and not tell anyone I made them. We were in a hurry though at the store because I needed to get home and get some stuff done before scouts. So we ran, well walked fast thru the clothing area and I saw these funny t shirts. Oh it was hilarious. My favorite one that says, "I'm with Stupid --->" I sure wish I had one those when I was still married..just kidding. I do like that shirt, always brings a smile to my face. My Nephew has a shirt that says "Air Pollution Stinks!" I thought it was cute which is why I bought it for him. Its good to use recycled shirts. Right?

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