Sunday, September 21, 2008

Regarding my previous post.

Talking about going to school and learning new terms regarding computers, networking and so on. I also worked in the shipping and receiving department at the college I got to see all the new computers coming in and the network frames. I know they never got used cisco systems but the one they had was a awesome piece of machinery. Where the mainframe of the computer system was, it took up an entire room which was used for classes. They had moved it from the basement due to possibility of flooding they moved it up to ground level. But the interesting part is, they have two areas for the mainframes. Due to the amount of buildings and computers used. Every single employee had a computer on their desks. I do miss going to school and learning new things. I say within a years time, I will be back at school. I need it. I need it for me, for my Son. For my future.

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