Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I have a little story.

On Sunday, before my Mom and Dad arrived. I was playing on my laptop showing my Grandpa what it can do. So I turned on the webcam. Haha..it was hilarious. He had a blast watching himself. So I turned the video part on. And it looked like one of those closed captioning movies where the mouths don't match up to what is being said. Also on my webcam thing you can add little designs and make weird faces on people. I love the program, its so much fun to play around with it.

I have a busy day today, I have to get my Pampered Chef stuff organized and ready. Then tonight we have Boy Scouts. Oh what fun, I may go and visit my friend Andrea since its only a block away from her house. She will enjoy my company, as she's a great, great friend of mine.

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