Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I am excited.

So excited I say. Those who know me, know that I recently started selling some products in which I love with a passion. Well, my Cousin said she wants a party. So I told her I would get her a packet with some invitations, not the Quinceanera invitations but just regular party invites. She is really excited as she's been wanting to throw a party. She loves to spend time with her friends and family. And since I get to be her Consultant, I get to spend that special time with her as well. She is pretty cool about it. I have to print out some information for her. I have to call her tomorrow to set up a time to give her the information. Well I need to do that, and I also need to finish my backroom. Because I was informed I need a space for all my paperwork and product for my business.

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