Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Here's what..

I do everyday at the same time during the school year. I go and sit at the school about 40 minutes prior to him getting out of school. I usually sit and relax. Well on Wednesday last week, I think there was this lady walking her baby in this stroller. Now I am not kidding you, I had just seen this stroller on a website somewhere. I think it was a celebrity babies website. They promote some of the baby products that they see, well I remember seeing this Maclaren stroller on the website that this woman actually had. Oh my goodness, it was absolutely amazing. The only way I remember was how the handles are positioned. At an angle, and of course the wording on the side of the stroller. The wheels were big and easy to navigate over the bumps on the sidewalk without having to struggle. We all know how that goes. I think what actually impressed me the most was the 5-point harness that the baby was in. I so wish I had one when my Son was a baby. You could tell that she was pleased with her stroller. I would be too, the colors were awesome and of course...Pink and Brown.

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