Sunday, September 21, 2008

Regarding my previous post.

Talking about going to school and learning new terms regarding computers, networking and so on. I also worked in the shipping and receiving department at the college I got to see all the new computers coming in and the network frames. I know they never got used cisco systems but the one they had was a awesome piece of machinery. Where the mainframe of the computer system was, it took up an entire room which was used for classes. They had moved it from the basement due to possibility of flooding they moved it up to ground level. But the interesting part is, they have two areas for the mainframes. Due to the amount of buildings and computers used. Every single employee had a computer on their desks. I do miss going to school and learning new things. I say within a years time, I will be back at school. I need it. I need it for me, for my Son. For my future.

You know what's funny?

Is how when you go to school to learn a trade. And some of the things we learn we laugh at. And we actually use later on in life after our time at school. If I am confusing you, I honestly don't mean to but its true. A friend of mine took a class with me to learn Networking hardware at school. We had to learn how to make our own Cat5 plug. So the other day I was visiting her house and the comment came up about having a Cat5e Keystone jack and having one at her work. I thank goodness I knew what she was talking about because anyone who doesn't know anything about stuff like that it would totally confuse you.

She runs her own office so she gets to set-up office stuff if she wants and organize it the way she wants. She also was telling me about this awesome copier she has. She is so lucky to own this on her own.

Decisions, Decisions..

I am in some need of some serious decisions to make regarding my health. I need to lose weight, like half the world. So I am trying to decide if the use of diet pills would help or not. I don't like to put anything into my body unless it is a necessity. I noticed last week, that my tummy was in more pain than ever. But then again, I should not of ate the sweets that I did because it was uncalled for. So I have been not eating anything sweet wise and limiting the foods I do eat to half portions. We went for breakfast on Friday morning and I only ate about 1/3 of the plate. I may have the rest today.

I feel awful as we went to Rockford last night and they have a Dunkin Donuts and we brought some home. Oops. I started eating one and already my tummy is hurting.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Watching my fave channel

There have been some new shows coming out and I have to say my favorite one involves SWAT when they wear all that tactical gear its kinda cool. I know, I love a man in uniform even though that will never happen in the relationship I am in. I am quite happy right now.

We are watching Speedracer right now before our long road trip tomorrow. We also got Baby Mama to watch. I chose that one and the boys picked out Speedracer. I am strongly thinking about heading into the bedroom to watch our movie. I may fall asleep as I am exhausted from todays running around. I think I need a sugar rush. Oh yeah, I am going to get the brownies out. I am going to take one and cut it in half. That way. I am not overdoing it.

I hate feeling sick.

I need to take my medicine real quick. I am actually thinking about going to bed here shortly. I need to lay down, seriously but I have some things to get done. Its not that I haven't wanted to. Its been due to my getting sick...yet again. Why oh why does this happen to me. Today while waiting for my Son to get out of school I was browsing thru the catalog for a company I am a independent consultant for, they are offering company logo shirts and I would love to have one of them when I go to a show. But who knows. I don't have a whole lot of money right now. I do know for a fact. I am buying myself a pair of shoes next week. The shoes I have now, have holes in the sides. And they are too big. Either I lost weight or just bought them a size too big. Oops.

The trip was ok.

We went up to Rockford,IL last night for the memorial. It was a somber event. My Ex sent some of the most beautiful flowers. I thought that was the best thing ever. I am glad he and his new wife did that.

After the memorial we went to his house after eating and I was listening to a conversation of when Carol was in the hospital, how she kept knocking off her pulse oximeter when she was intubated. She really disliked that thing. This is coming from a woman who loved to talk. This is why she didn't live as long as predicted because they said she would live longer with the breathing tube versus without it.

We are heading back up to Rockford tomorrow for my Boyfriends Son marching band competition. I can't wait because we are going to one of my fave places to

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Under the weather right now.

So I've been laying down and watching TV after a two hour nap this morning. I felt a little bit better but decided to see the doctor. She prescribed me some antibiotics and ordered some rest. So I got home, laid down after my hot bath and was watching this show about peoples homes. And 95% o the homes have home theater seating in their homes with this huges chairs. Someday, I will have that but I know right now its not feasible. I think with this headache is also from my hair being so heavy. It bites. Its heavy and I think I need to get it layered again. Its almost been a year so maybe tomorrow I will get it layered along with my Son getting his hair cut as well.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I really need..

Something to help me when its that time of the month, I don't always get the monthly visit from good old Mother Nature so when I do get it, its total chaos for me. So maybe, I need to check in and getting some progesterone to help relieve some of the symptoms. I become a total, you know what. I don't like people, I avoid people. I just simply stay away from certain discount stores. Yes, that is how grouchy I get. Even my Son avoids me.

Well, I guess I better get motivated to do what I had originally planned to do. I am making Texas Sheet cake brownies...again. They turned out so good on Saturday that everyone ate them all. So now, people are wanting them again. And my Son missed out. So now, its time to go get them made again.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My Son...

Is quite the nosey little man he is. He went searching thru a drawer on my desk and found some of my jewelry. Yay, I can put it in my new jewelry box that I got for my birthday. Granted I do not own any freshwater pearls as I have only seen other people have them. I would not know what to do with them beside have googly eyes over them.

I am not the biggest jewelry fan, but slowly and surely I am getting some new stuff. I kinda gave up having any type of jewelry after I got divorced. Sometime inside me, was lost. And now...that things are 100% better, you bet. I want to look pretty too. I love my rings, earrings and my necklace...yes just one necklace. I am extremely picky on what I wear.

Here's what..

I do everyday at the same time during the school year. I go and sit at the school about 40 minutes prior to him getting out of school. I usually sit and relax. Well on Wednesday last week, I think there was this lady walking her baby in this stroller. Now I am not kidding you, I had just seen this stroller on a website somewhere. I think it was a celebrity babies website. They promote some of the baby products that they see, well I remember seeing this Maclaren stroller on the website that this woman actually had. Oh my goodness, it was absolutely amazing. The only way I remember was how the handles are positioned. At an angle, and of course the wording on the side of the stroller. The wheels were big and easy to navigate over the bumps on the sidewalk without having to struggle. We all know how that goes. I think what actually impressed me the most was the 5-point harness that the baby was in. I so wish I had one when my Son was a baby. You could tell that she was pleased with her stroller. I would be too, the colors were awesome and of course...Pink and Brown.

While I was shopping today..

I had to go buy some stuff for a recipe I am making. I had actually made this recipe on Saturday and it turned out so good that I am making it again. I am making those Texas Sheet cake brownies, you know with the frosting that is just like fudge. Oh my goodness, its absolutely awesome. I may hide them this time and not tell anyone I made them. We were in a hurry though at the store because I needed to get home and get some stuff done before scouts. So we ran, well walked fast thru the clothing area and I saw these funny t shirts. Oh it was hilarious. My favorite one that says, "I'm with Stupid --->" I sure wish I had one those when I was still married..just kidding. I do like that shirt, always brings a smile to my face. My Nephew has a shirt that says "Air Pollution Stinks!" I thought it was cute which is why I bought it for him. Its good to use recycled shirts. Right?

I am excited.

So excited I say. Those who know me, know that I recently started selling some products in which I love with a passion. Well, my Cousin said she wants a party. So I told her I would get her a packet with some invitations, not the Quinceanera invitations but just regular party invites. She is really excited as she's been wanting to throw a party. She loves to spend time with her friends and family. And since I get to be her Consultant, I get to spend that special time with her as well. She is pretty cool about it. I have to print out some information for her. I have to call her tomorrow to set up a time to give her the information. Well I need to do that, and I also need to finish my backroom. Because I was informed I need a space for all my paperwork and product for my business.

Not soon enough.

I am patiently, for my money. I need some new shoes, maybe some Clarks shoes or something. The pair I have on now, I kind of wore them in the beginning of the spring time and with all the rain we had it was crazy. It ruined the leather on the one side. I will be getting myself a new pair of shoes here very soon. I so can't wait. I did find a pair I wanted, and yes they have pink on them. For some reason, I have fallen in love with the color of pink.

Well, I got distracted yet again while on the computer. We took our kitty to vet today because she has allergies, well she won't come to me. Because I am a bad person right now. Well she came out, I said her name...and boom, she's gone into hiding.

I have a little story.

On Sunday, before my Mom and Dad arrived. I was playing on my laptop showing my Grandpa what it can do. So I turned on the webcam. was hilarious. He had a blast watching himself. So I turned the video part on. And it looked like one of those closed captioning movies where the mouths don't match up to what is being said. Also on my webcam thing you can add little designs and make weird faces on people. I love the program, its so much fun to play around with it.

I have a busy day today, I have to get my Pampered Chef stuff organized and ready. Then tonight we have Boy Scouts. Oh what fun, I may go and visit my friend Andrea since its only a block away from her house. She will enjoy my company, as she's a great, great friend of mine.

My life in a bottle, seems so short.

Frankly with everything going on, I don't keep up on things. I am getting bad, well its time to get myself straight.