Friday, August 01, 2008

While surfing online today.

I noticed some comments on peoples websites and how they are offering small business opportunitites and its amazing how people just sneak in their advertising. I could not do that.

Since this is my birthday weekend, I am not sure whats gonna happen. I would like to sit at home and relax. And just enjoy the hot and humid But will probably get the house in tip top shape because of the inspection coming up, they are really picky about certain things and I really don't want to make my landlord mad. So I will also get the yard all pretty and nice looking to impress the landlord too. I don't think anyone has ever taken care of the house the way we do here. I am going to Lowes tomorrow to find some wood trim for the door ways. And maybe a door for my Son's room. He doesn't have a door and I wish housing would do something about it. I am going to ask about windows too. We don't have storm windows at all and it doesn't provide adequete seals for the winter time. I noticed too on the paper that everything must be done and completed within 30 days. I am nervous....yet excited. Maybe some things will get done and FIXED.

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