Friday, August 01, 2008

So it begins......

August is here and it begins the birthdays for the older kids in the family. Mine was always first...August 3rd, then my Dads...Sept. 7, then my Brother...Sept. 19, then my Sisters on Oct. 24. And of course my Moms on December 15th. Last year my Brother in law came to me to get all the birthday party invitations for my Sisters 30th Birthday. Wow, what a party that was. I remember after that party the domino effect of events that happened to my Brother. I just thank god that things are so much better this year and families are together.

I need to go wake Mike up, I have an inspection coming up and I want to make sure this house is in tip top shape. But I do have to call and reschedule as my landlord is on vacation.

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