Thursday, July 10, 2008

Almost done.

With my job, I only have a few more days then done. I came home today from work, to try and find my receipt for the air conditioner we bought little over a month ago. Because for some reason it quit working this morning. We opened up the front and there was some gooey stuff all over the inside. Well while at home putting the air in the window. The tornado sirens were going off. So I got paranoid, turned the TV on and found out where it was. Then all of a sudden my phone rang, it was my boyfriends daughter to inform me of the warnings. She is such a sweetie. She was so excited to talk to me that she mentioned she finally got one of those nice swimsuits that actually fits her. Her other one, we had to tie it up at the top because it was so loose. I feel so bad for her. She can't wait to go swimming this year.

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