Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I swear I am getting old.

Oh wait, I am. My Birthday is this weekend and it will be the half way mark to 40....from 30 that is. I am in need of a major memory upgrade. I know funny right? No I am serious. I think I need to make a appt. with the doctor because ever since my car accident my memory hasn't been the same. Its been really wonky. Like I forget to do things or call people. Makes me wonder sometimes. Or I get all flustered because I will be standing there asking myself. What am I doing? Or what needs done? I did notice too since I am no longer working that my hip doesn't hurt anymore. I don't know why but my right hip was giving me all kinds of issues. Along with my left foot. I still need to make an appt.

I know I mentioned this before.

But the most important thing in life it seems right now is Insurance. I really need to look into some very much needed term life insurance because I don't have a single thing to offer my Son if anything happens to me. I would hate for anything to happen to me. He does have his Father but its still not the same. I don't want him to think that I didn't care for him.

Being a parent is one of the hardest things I've ever had to experience, but getting divorced was right next to it. I didn't want too, but knew in my heart our marriage was over. I lost the faith in him, with his ways and his beliefs. It wasn't my way of life. So now is the time to make things right with getting the proper insurance.

I feel bad for my friend.

She's been on the hunt for a job, earlier this year she had surgery and lost her job. We were talking and she is looking for a diet pill because she had lost weight during her job and she gained it all back. She has done a great job losing weight already, but losing your job sometimes causes depression. I know she is also missing her family. So tomorrow we are going swimming and I am taking my Son as well as my Niece and Nephew. We are packing a lunch and just gonna have some fun no matter what. Life is too darn short to worry. Trust me..I know that.

The temp is rising.

And I need a serious vacation right now, somewhere cool. The past couple of weeks have been mild around here, but now comes the humidity and heat. If I could I would book a vacation and pack my luggage and run far, far away to a cool place til' the hot weather subsides. This is the time of year that I dislike. Not only cause my Birthday is in the first week of August but its always hot around my birthday. And this year is supposed to be even hotter than last.

Can someone send me some cool weather? I will trade you up for it.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Its about that time.

To think about the best acne treatment for not only my Son but for my Boyfriends daughter. She is getting close to that age of where acne becomes an issue and can cause one to be self conscious. I know I was. I hated having pimples and especially one that ends up on the tip of your nose. I remember having a pimple on my chin that was extremely painful, it was right after I had my Son and it would not go away. I know this may sound gross but I had to get what they call the "head" out. Once it was out, it went away. Go figure. but still it was quite painful.

Well, this little girl is quite tired. I am heading to bed.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tomorrow is going to be busy.

We have a ton of places to go. The first thing we do on Fridays is pay on our HDTV and my Son's bed. My Boyfriend loves his TV, and frankly I do too. Its a nice TV. Not too big and NOT too small. Now we have to call the satellite company to get our box upgrades to HD. We don't get the best with the plain box.

Yesterday was a busy one, I had to clean out the fridge completely. It looks so much better, and smells better too. My Mom was questioning if she should leave her doors open with the power off but then while she is gone if the power came on what would happen. I told her to keep them shut. Its so boring when you don't have power and have nothing to do.

I am so jealous.

A really good friend of mine is heading to Las vegas as we speak for her friends birthday. She is turning 21, so I hope they stay safe and don't do anything crazy. But you know its Vegas...and what happens in Vegas....Stays in Vegas. But I worry about her. She has this great job a video store so I hope she doesn't do anything crazy to lose it. Before she got this job, she was telling me about these jobs in San Francisco and that she had went and applied. She doesn't live that far from there. And shes only a couple hours away from Las Vegas. Lucky her. Well I hope she updates and lets everyone know how she's doing.

Well, I think I need to make a few phone calls here. I can't wait any longer to run my errands.

Things to do today.

I have a few errands to run here in a little bit. For one, I thought about running to the steam cleaners to get some clothes cleaned because the storm leaked thru the roof and got all over some of my clothes that I don't want to ruin. I washed them but the stains aren't coming out. Then I have to run to the bank and to the store. I am having withdrawals here. I am also hoping to get the help needed with replacing some of the lost food. I was informed yesterday of help available but it would take a couple of days. I sure hope it happens tomorrow like she said. Its not much but it would help me out, and I am thinking about helping my Grandma out a little too. Like with the neccesities like Milk, eggs and cheese if needed. Tonight I am thinking of writing a list about some things needed. We will see.

Did I mention we went to the Zoo?

A couple of weeks back, they had a free day at the Zoo because obviously most people cannot afford to go there nowadays. They used to have a free day on Tuesdays. Well now its maybe once a month. Well we went and I take my camera to take pictures of the most beautiful animals. I simply love the elephants and giraffes. Well to get to the giraffes you have the option of walking thru the bird and kangaroo area. This one Ostrich was just beautiful, his ostrich feathers were just amazing in color. They take really good care of their animals there. Right now though, they are without power due to the enormous storm we had this past Monday. Some animal shelters were destroyed but no animals were harmed. It makes me so sad.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

These last couple of days.

I have had no Internet. You know how depressing that is? Extremely. I had phone line, and was able to hook up dial-up but was also depending on laptop battery. I noticed too that my memory on the laptop was being affected. It was crazy. Made me nuts half the time just sitting here. I am just grateful that my power is back and life is back to somewhat normal.

It is still going to be a busy couple of days with having to clean stuff that needed power to do like vacuuming. That is what is going to get done here in a little bit. I hate having little stuff on the carpet that needs a vacuum. I can't wait. Its a blessed event for me.

Last Weekend.

I went over to my Moms to help her clean her closet out. It seems that being a hoarder runs in the family. But I have learned since the flood last year to just throw things away. That I don't need something that isn't going to be used within a years time. It makes no sense. So I went over to help her throw stuff away. We have a few bags to give to GoodWill and to some nursing homes. We also labeled some of the boxes for her stuff. One of the boxes we had for some of the toys and babydolls for my nieces and nephews. She said it was weird to have empty boxes and not stuffed with stuff that didn't have any use in her closet. It was funny but it was also a nice afternoon with her. I miss her!!

Now that power is back.

I have had alot of time to think. I actually sat down and read a couple of books while not having any power. Having no power, it really gives you time to think. I also painted, started to scrapbook but stopped because it got really hot in my house. See...I had it made while the power was out. I got to sleep out in the tent. You know how nice and cool that was...literally. It was really cool and calm. Until these Girls come screaming and laughing really loud thru the parking lot next to my back yard. I screamed out to them to Shut up because people were trying to sleep. Gez, have a little respect at 12 o'clock at night ya know?

Life always throws punches at you when you least expect it.

This past Monday our cities suffered a major blow. A "Derecho" hit our area and caused significant damage to a majority of the cities here. We have been without power for 3 days. We lost all our refridgerated foods and freezer foods. We are in the process of getting help. I am so excited to even get help. With so many people affected. I sure hope that these other people get the same help.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

On my way..

Thru the store the other day. I had to fax some paperwork to the main office, I notice they gotten new office furniture on display at the store. I really would like to get a smaller desk. For myself but definitely buying a desk for my Son this year. He complained all last year he didn't have a place to do his homework. So in Sept. if not before I am going to buy him a student desk. One that is small but big enough for his books and stuff. His room is a small, small room so we have to make do with what we got.

I also have to ask my Mom if she can help me make a curtain for his doorway. He has no privacy whatsoever. So when she feels better I will ask. By the dogs are so gross.

I can't believe this..

I am sitting here...eating a hot dog for lunch. I do not like hot dogs for some reason. But with the way prices of food is going, we cannot afford much. A couple weeks back the store had a awesome sale on hot dogs and lunch meat. Not sure if it has anything to do with the factory that makes the hot dogs and lunch, which is a name brand that is located in my city. But for 88 cents, I am not about to pass up that deal. So I bought a bunch and threw it in the freezer. Yay!!!

So today, well this after noon I have to take a friend of mine to the doctor. For a follow-up, even though we would much rather be in one of those las vegas hotels right now enjoying some time.

I also got some good news yesterday. I am so excited!!!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The other day.

When my Brother was here, he got so involved in watching the video games the boys were playing. Well he was talking about wanting a playstation 3. If you ask me...I don't care. I prefer playing on my laptop. Its not something that amuses me but as long as the boys are happy..then I am happy. My Brother was also describing the look of the PS3. Its something that intrigues him I guess.

My friend Alysia has a brother that owns almost every platform out there in the video game world. He works for a large retailer, a very well known one so he is able to find out when shipments are and such. Lucky Bum!!!

I don't think I....

Mentioned on here what happened on July 4th this year....2008. If anyone remembers last year, then you would understand my thoughts. Last year on July 4th, my basement flooded to the extreme. This year. We have no more basement at this house. Well...the plumbing isn't the greatest and we noticed a major leak under the sink. Now let me refresh you this sink doesn't have any Delta faucets that are nicely made. I know this because this one is very flimsy and not even the sink is attached. Its kind of irritating once in a wild. I don't like to invite people over because this house seems so ghetto.

Life is so short...

And it seems everyone has something going on. And sometimes it seems to hit a little close to home. Whether its my Sisters or My Brother or just a friend of mine. Everyone has little hiccups here and there. Right now, none of us are able to enjoy any type of luxury vacations because of high gas prices and bills. I worry constantly about my bills and things to do. Like in the morning I have to run to the gas station to get some gas...yet again! It seems I run out constantly. I have to get up every morning, run my Son to Summer School. On Friday I have to run my Son to Loud Thunder to drop him off with his Father. They are going on vacation....why? Because they have lots of money....

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I don't know where...

People find commercial real estate. But I do know that when you go to buy a house you need to find a great realtor. Because I remember while searching for a house when I was married, our realtor found us exactly what we wanted. I so miss that house right now. It was a nice house. Alot of memories. Not any with my Ex but with my Son being brought home from the hospital and all. I miss that city too. Rockford was a not so bad city to live in.

Someday I would love to buy another house. But this time, make things right this time and not make the stupid mistakes I did the first time around. Someday.

I am watching Animal Planet...

And oh goodness, gracious. This officer was petting this dog and it turned on him and bit him. Drew blood and probably scared the crap out of him. I sure hope he was wearing some adult diapers as it was a mess. THEN, the dog was given a second chance at life to not be euthanized. He was doing great and the dog was to meet the officer that rescued him. He started petting him again. And guess what happened?

If you guessed that he bit him again. You got it. You just watching the dog, and his eyes. You know when he's about to bite. They close their mouth, look around and bam. There goes your hand. I wonder how his hand is this time. It looked pretty messed up. And you know, it wasn't the dogs fault he bit the guy. He kept petting him in a manner that must of reminded him how he was treated at his prior home. Duh.

Will let them know.

A friend of mine just started her own business, and she got me involved. Well, I am wanting to find some promotional products to help get my business off the ground. I've been really busy with my seasonal job, and now that its come to a end. I am more eager to get it started full time. But I want to devote my free time to it, as my first job is being a Mom.

I have a few goals to set, and I need to find out how to accomplish them. And to succeed. That's a tough goal for me right now. Especially with the way the things have been happening lately. And with the prices of gas nowadays, its insane.

Pretty Soon here.

My Son is going to be wanting his own computer in his room. I don't see that being a problem because he is a good kid. He hasn't learned what the internet can do just yet. But I would definitely put one of those programs on that doesn't allow certain websites and such. I may have to purchase one of them KVM switches. So I would be able to control when he can be on the internet especially if its late and he wants to stay up late or whatever. But I am the type of Mom, that everyone has to be asleep before I go to sleep. Thats how I

Almost done.

With my job, I only have a few more days then done. I came home today from work, to try and find my receipt for the air conditioner we bought little over a month ago. Because for some reason it quit working this morning. We opened up the front and there was some gooey stuff all over the inside. Well while at home putting the air in the window. The tornado sirens were going off. So I got paranoid, turned the TV on and found out where it was. Then all of a sudden my phone rang, it was my boyfriends daughter to inform me of the warnings. She is such a sweetie. She was so excited to talk to me that she mentioned she finally got one of those nice swimsuits that actually fits her. Her other one, we had to tie it up at the top because it was so loose. I feel so bad for her. She can't wait to go swimming this year.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

I think, I need to ....

Smack myself a few times here. I haven't posted here in awhile due to my working outside the home. I dislike being so busy.

Cause it seems while I am at work, I get phone calls like crazy. I get friends, family and Credit Card companies wanting me to balance transfer credit card offers. For which one, I don't qualify. So please. I have ONE credit card with a limit of $550. I don't think I need to transfer that one.

I forgot to mention its my boyfriend's birthday on Monday. And I haven't the foggiest clue on what to get him for his birthday. I would like to buy him a new razor. He needs one really bad as I gave him a crappy hair cut the last time and I need to make it up to him.