Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You should see my baby.

My little white kitty Samson, he is sleeping inside the tv stand at the moment. Oh it is so cute. He amazes me. He is one lucky baby. We found out early on he was deaf. Like most white kitties, they are either blind or deaf. We are lucky so far. We often wondered if he needed pet supplements thinking maybe it would help it out. But the doctor said no matter what we did he would still be deaf. He is such a lover. He loves to snuggle next to me at night, but will not do it when my boyfriend is in bed with me. Its like he's a bed hog or something. Well, actually....he is. But when he was little we had to give all the babies some de-worming meds. Well little Samson didn't handle it so well. He didn't eat for 3 days. Finally he ate, and he hasn't stopped yet.

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