Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Someday, Someday...Right now..

Oops sorry I was thinking about that song. Can't remember who sings it but I like it. But what I was thinking about was a family vacation. The only thing stopping me is my kitties. Who would take care of them? They are demanding little creatures, on a tight schedule of being fed. And they sure let you know too. One little guy likes to sit on your chest and paw your face til' you wake up.

But I would love to take one of those Orlando vacations and just go and relax. I would love to go to the beach, put my feet in the ocean and run because a crab is chasing I've never been to the ocean and someday, I will make it there. I just wish we had lots of money to go. But with me going to be off work here in a few weeks. Its just not allowed right now. That's why I was singing that song in my

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