Friday, June 06, 2008

So happy.

I am sitting here, finally at home. I can sit down and relax. I've been on the go all day long. Is what it seems like. I rec'd my package today from Pampered Chef, which I love, LOVE their products. Tonight I went over to my Awesome friend Dawn's house to discuss the business aspects, the do's and don'ts. She also suggested to carry a briefcase like that can carry my laptop. I should look into the Zero Halliburton briefcases because they are more sturdier and stronger than a laptop bag. The one I have isn't the best one on the market, it will do for now. But I am assuming with all the accumulated paperwork that you fill out with becoming a consultant, and orders. You need a place to organize all your information. Wow, I have so much to invest in.

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