Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I want to say something.

A couple of years ago when my Grandma was having chest pains, it was hard to see her go thru the pain. Especially when the doctor was telling her that it was heartburn. It really irritated me to no end. This little old lady who deserved to be treated by her physician failed her. It happened one night when my Grandpa was sick, so they rushed him to the emergency room. Well, my Grandma was having pains as well and she just brushed them off as heartburn. Well. The doctor wanted to see her as well when it was time for a follow up for my Grandpa. He ordered all these tests, one test was a treadmill test and such. That night after the test, the doctor called and told my Grandma to get to the hospital ASAP. The next morning she had some more testing done, and found out she had blockage. Within 24hours she had open heart surgery. My heart was broken. Seeing my Grandma lay there in the hospital bed that close to death. It really made me appreciate life more. Now she wears a medical id bracelet. She has too. She's been thru way too much stuff for them not to know.

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