Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Can't wait for this weekend.

We are having a Birthday Celebration for my Son. I just wish we had some nice patio furniture for the backyard. We have a table...yep a table. I got some plastic chairs from my Dad. I still have to find out if my Mom had found her gazebo yet. Otherwise its gonna be hot outside. I seriously do not want people in my house. If they don't like then too bad. We don't have enough air conditioners so the ones we have are running. We need one more for the living room. Then it would be great in here. So now we have fans running throughout the house and circulating the cooler air. I made sure my Son's room had a air too. He is in the back of the house where the sun hits directly. I am so not wanting to see this electric bill. Thank goodness for budget billing.

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