Thursday, May 29, 2008

Since I have four furbabies...

I have been looking online to find some place where I can discuss and find out about my furbabies. Well I was given this opportunity to sign up at a pet forum where you can actually discuss your pets with others. You can find out about what may be wrong with your pet, or why your pet acts all funny sometimes.

I actually signed up a couple of hours ago, and I've been uploading pics of my Furbabies. And editing their information. Which meant I had to search on their births, since I helped two of my babies be born. Yes it should be easy date to remember as it was around my cousins wedding. Well anyway, I have also been reading some journals from fellow pet owners. One broke my heart about a German Shepard that was hit on the highway and the owner really had no sense of care in his heart to get the poor thing to the vet. I am waiting to hear what happens to this innocent animal as it aggravates me when people who say they care about their animals, and deep inside they just don't care.

I am actually relieved to have a place that is easy to manuever and read, understand without having any doubts on what to do.

So head on over, and sign your pets up, and find a whole new world on online pet places. I have found some good pet reviews for some products I have thought about buying. Oh Oh Oh and the free stuff. Yes you can get free stuff. How sweet is that?

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