Friday, May 30, 2008

I've been thinking.

About getting more memory for my laptop. Its pretty fast and quick but would love for it to be a bit quicker while playing my Sims. Which we all know that requires alot of computer memory and it can really bog down your computer system. I haven't really played though. Ever since I started working its been like non-existant. Pretty soon I will get to play again. Which my job almost to a end, it will be great. I will miss working, believe me I will. As I have met some great people. I just hope that I have proved myself in working there and working my hardest.

Well this time, I am really getting off the computer and turning it off. Taking a shower, then off to Lala land. I am truly beat.

Only time will tell.

Since we got our new TV, the surround sound doesn't sound right. It echoes in here. I for one, am not a fan of that excess noise. I am not sure if the
speaker mount is located in the right location on the wall. I mean on the TV stand. I made my boyfriend take the ones off the wall as it looked really ghetto in here.

Just because we live thisclose to the ghetto doesn't mean we need to live like it.

Now if only I can go jump into the shower. I am so worn out and beat from todays working activities. We got a truck in, and it downpoured on us. I had on boots and a rain coat. But it only works when you have all of the buttons buttoned. One is broken, so right where its broken is right on my chest. So go figure.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Since I have four furbabies...

I have been looking online to find some place where I can discuss and find out about my furbabies. Well I was given this opportunity to sign up at a pet forum where you can actually discuss your pets with others. You can find out about what may be wrong with your pet, or why your pet acts all funny sometimes.

I actually signed up a couple of hours ago, and I've been uploading pics of my Furbabies. And editing their information. Which meant I had to search on their births, since I helped two of my babies be born. Yes it should be easy date to remember as it was around my cousins wedding. Well anyway, I have also been reading some journals from fellow pet owners. One broke my heart about a German Shepard that was hit on the highway and the owner really had no sense of care in his heart to get the poor thing to the vet. I am waiting to hear what happens to this innocent animal as it aggravates me when people who say they care about their animals, and deep inside they just don't care.

I am actually relieved to have a place that is easy to manuever and read, understand without having any doubts on what to do.

So head on over, and sign your pets up, and find a whole new world on online pet places. I have found some good pet reviews for some products I have thought about buying. Oh Oh Oh and the free stuff. Yes you can get free stuff. How sweet is that?

Monday, May 26, 2008

I know I am losing...

Some weight that is, certain clothes aren't fitting me anymore...too big. I have more energy and now can walk alot longer than before. I don't need any fitness equipment to get me into shape. I am doing all on my own. Walking, watching what I eat and drinking lots of water. Not to mention I have cut my drinking pop way down to a very little amount. I am so proud of myself. I just wish I could lose the weight faster. But I figure if I do it on my own and with exercise. I should be good to go.

Well its Monday, and I've been late getting things done these last couple of days and its my only day off. I really have alot to accomplish today. Like getting the house in tip top shape. Not sure what time my Son will be home...NOT SOON ENOUGH FOR ME.

Walking thru the store.

At work the other day, in the middle aisle they put stuff on clearance like TV Stands, dressers, tables, chairs and other misc. stuff. Well the other day this guy was staring at these silk flowers
and I overheard him asking if they are out in the garden center. The lady goes, no those are fake. And he goes...NOOOO. Do you have those in the garden center, real ones? The lady goes, Sir I am not sure I work in the Mens Clothing. The look on his face was priceless because I don't think he expected that answer from her. I walked up to the guy and told him no we don't have that kind. It was just a funny expression and it truly made me giggle inside.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rough day.

And it doesn't seem to get any better. Today at work, we are low on supplies and I had to phone in an order of requested items. I really like to please my customers. So while waiting on the phone, I was sitting in my van trying to focus on the task at hand, I dropped both of my bic pens on the floorboard of the van. I had to get out and look for them. I have certain pens I use, which we all have those. I found them just in time for when Anthony my In House Rep answered. I got all my orders requested, and we shall receive another 20 some carts of flowers. I sure hope we can get it stocked for this weekend. I hate being empty.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Friend Dawn..

Is selling some items, well she is now a Consultant for a popular cooking items. And recently she's been interested in finding ways to promote herself like with personalized name tags, cards and other items to use. Maybe if I let her know about Vista Print coupons she could actually find something on there she can use. I really would like for her to be successful in her journey as its something she's been wanting for years. Ever since I met her, she's been wanting this. I think she will go far. I would like to as well but do not know if I will be as successful as her. If anyone deserves this, it is her.

I just can't do it.

Keep up on both my blogs anymore. I've been so busy lately, its not even funny. I have to decide and make a decision. Work has been extremely busy, I can't see how that many people can keep wanting flowers and stuff for their gardens. I swear the same two people come in at least ONCE a day. Not kidding you. And its not like they come in for discounted stuff because we don't sell it.

But anyway, I am trying to decide if I want to go to Scouts tonight. I had a issue with one of a Boy Scouts over the weekend and I really need to talk to the Scout leader as I was treated so rudely and he needs to be spoken to about it.