Sunday, February 10, 2008

Why Rocks!

For the couple of days, I've been searching for that perfect gift for my boyfriend for Valentines Day. But this is why rocks!!! One can only learn thru trust, trust is a big word when it comes to my money. I want a company, I know has positive reviews, honesty and basically a place that will back me up. When I went shopping recently for my laptop and camera. I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to speak with anyone on the quality of the products I was searching for. For my camera, the salesman was extremely informative and told me basically everything I neede to know, you know the pros and cons of what I was searching for. Granted he steered me away from a high sales product to something that he knew would fit me perfectly. After my purchase I came home and did the same research thru and to my surprise it was the same information but with a more personal touch. Listening and reading what actual customers had said about the one camera I was going to buy, only convinced my purchase was a great one.

Now on the upside of why rocks they have some famous celebrities like this one:

Now that's a Deal!!! I truly enjoy his antics and funniness. I've always enjoyed him. But back to the subject at hand, I am still searching for a gift for my Boyfriend even though he may not receive it right on Valentines day at least he is getting I do want to share my video with you about I sure hope you enjoy it as I enjoyed making it!!! Its amazing how much fun one can have just making a video!!

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