Saturday, September 15, 2007

Still searching for Insurance rates.

Ever since my Flood, I've been searching for the best Insurance qoutes possible. The most important part of having insurance is making sure you thoroughly read your policy and if you don't have something called Water Backup Plan, that is something you might want to look into. With saying that, earlier this year that just so happen to be the case with my house. There was construction on my street, and some debri actually went into the line and caused major backup into a lot of peoples homes. My landlord has insurance but unfortunately what had happened did not cover the damage. Its a seperate policy/add on. So now, I am searching the best insurance company to do that for me. I've been searching thru Insurance Brokers to find one in my area and so far, I am waiting on some qoutes. I want to make sure I am protected in my time of need. When I find the proper Insurance Company, I will definitely post about it. I tell everyone I know about that policy, because I do not with this on my worst enemy.

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