Thursday, September 06, 2007

Is there such a thing?

As Liquid Drano for your nose? Please someone tell me there is something to clear your clogged noses and bring back the sense of smell. It totally sucks right now. I was able to smell an hour ago now...its gone. My taste buds...GONE. I wish, I wish I had some type of sense going on. Cause I am not making any sense otherwise. OMG, that was just stupid of me to say that. Maybe its the Alka Seltzer Daytime medicine I took. It says it relieves sinus pressure. I am still waiting. I started sneezing about 9am. Then the running nose now I am all stuffy. This Summer Cold Crap has got to go. Why me..WHY ME..and NOW? At least it waited til' after the Milan Summer Indian Festival. That would of been kinda crappy.

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