Friday, September 14, 2007

An important lesson to learn here.

Do you all remember when that Man walked into the Amish school and shot them girls? Well, from that day I had a new found respect for the Amish. For one they are not far from where I live, not the same state though that it happened too. But Amish forgive situations and do things that are so simple and that we should do. Here is the story I am talk about click here and read the story.


Jill said...

We have a lot of Amish around this area. What's sad here is that there are a number of accidents involving cars that have rear ended the buggies.

I also have a healthy respect for them. There are so many times when I wish we all led simpler lives such as theirs. It is a lesson indeed... we make our lives so complicated when they really don't need to be.

Tom Hanson said...

I too wrote about this gesture by these amazing people: However, I was not aware of their time spent in Blacksburg as was noted on the Politics As Usual website. I wish I had been as that only adds to the view that these people do “set an example for all of us.”
Tom Hanson