Friday, September 07, 2007


I can only assume, but why do some things take so long to be handled and for others its done almost immediately. I am only trying here people. But why in the long can things take so long to happen. Since July 4th, my life has been upside down and turned inside out. I can only complain so much before people starting telling to stop whining and get over it. But for me, I keep having these bills pile up and for the most part its draining me financially. Now the news of the day is, my last day of work (WHOOT REALLY HAPPY) is Sept. 28th. I will be laid off for 3-4 months. I really don't care honestly. I don't care. But what I need to happen is a miracle...I cannot handle going to the laundry mat anymore. The one place I have been going, I am sorry. I can't set foot back in that place. You see ONE roach you see a thousand right behind it. I depise them things, they creep me out. I can't handle them at all. I know that a laundry mat has a tendency to get people who live that way and carry them in their clothes, but heck no am I going to deal with that sh*t. I can't. I keep my house clean and free of them boogers. I will inform the landlord when I get my money I am getting another set of washer and dryers, and if she says NO. Then I will give my notice. Sorry, but I should not have to live without my freedom.

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