Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Evening Edition.

Here's what and how my week has started and ended. My Son spent Mon-Weds with his Grandmother because there is no daycare and school had not started yet. So with that in mind, I worked like crazy. Well on Thursday was his first hour of school. Why do they do that? He loved it. I was waiting for how Friday would turn out. His day was good, mine wasn't so good. It seems that Lightning had struck my house sometime Thursday between the hours of 4-5pm. It hit my wireless antenna and down thru my Firewall/Router box. Well, believe it or not it did not hit my computer. So now my theory of completely unplugging everything connected to my computer will save it from being fried is correct. I think the guys were here for over 2 hours trying to get it fixed. They troubleshooted every possible aspect. On Friday, I spent some time at my Mom's I had fun. Got to enjoy some well deserved time with her. Finally the wireless guys showed back up at work and I headed home to hopefully have internet well that is when they came and fixed it. It seems, Mother Nature was having a PMS moment when she decided to knock out a couple towers along with my internet.

I totally cleaned my house Friday, it was so clean. But now you can't even tell. I swear. I am going to hurt someone.

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