Monday, August 20, 2007


Took a nice long hot bath, and relaxed. I worked my bum off today. I know I should everyday but I did today...literally. It was dragging so bum that is that I had to take a nice long hot bath and then a shower to rinse. See at my work, is a Garden Center for a Nationwide Home Improvement store. I am only a vendor, which means I am my own boss most of the time and my Boss comes in a couple times a week to check up on me and make sure I am doing my job. So far, no complaints. Whoot! Well we have a new planogram (plat O gram) is what we call it. And everything, I mean everything is getting switched out and around. Between the both of us today, we managed to make this HUGE dent and got alot of stuff moved around and it looks soooooo much better. So now tomorrow I go to the other store and do the same. Someday this week I'll post pictures of what I do. Its so much fun. But so boring at the same time. We are like scavengers when the trucks come in...its a free for all and a good fight on who gets to put it away.

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