Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ok...argued as usual. Stinker!

Yes, he loves to argue with me and he got smart with me too. Only cause he knew I wouldn't pop him in his mouth in front of everybody. I whispered a threat into his ear and he sure shut up. It seems you threaten to take away a favorite video game and all is well.

Well, I dropped him off and went to W@lmart and got a storage container, cat food and those Ziploc Storage Bags. It seems this time of year I like to go thru clothes and sort out what doesn't fit and stuff. So that is what I am doing today AFTER I do laundry. My Goal for today is...clean, clean and oh did I mention maybe do a little cleaning? Yes my house is a mess and I taking pictures to prove it. Its making me freakin' NUTS.

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