Monday, August 06, 2007

My life is more important than someone else's stupidity.

I only say that because of what has happened to me in the past month. It was a pretty shitty birthday at that. On June 12th, the city decided to put a overlay on our main road. No biggie right? Well, around July 1st, the construction company decided to do something with the storm drains/sewer or whatever it was. Left a BIG hole in the road. We were told the whole project would take a week. Well, almost a month later on July 4th, in the early morning hours. We had a storm. No Big Deal. The problem with that is, with the road construction it caused major backups into peoples basements. I, myself had 3 feet of water. I also had alot of stuff in the basement that meant alot to me. Now why I had stuff down there is. There isn't alot of room for storage here. Two closets. And we have never had water in the basement ever in the time I lived here. If there was water, it was a tiny stream. I am talking tiny. The landlord totally freaked out on how much water there was. She didn't see what I went thru. I had 15 years of my life, in boxes and plastic totes. Which by the way, doesn't work in that amount of water. My basement is HUGE. I am talking the entire length of my house and width. That is alot of water. Well, it also ruined the Hot water heater and furnace.

Our local newspaper and two tv stations ran stories not only on me but 83 other people who were affected because of this road construction. Its just a coincidence, that the majority of the people affected are in one general area. It also flooded my Son's grade school. In the newspapers, people can be really negative and tell us. It was an Act of God and get over it. It might of been an Act of God but please tell me why they found brick, sand,gravel and other construction debris in the storm drains? I still don't see that being an Act of God. Right now, there are alot of people filing claims with the construction companies insurance company. But what to my understanding is, why are they wanting to send a adjuster to my house to access the damage if they have to file a investigation into what has happened? Wouldn't they do the investigation then send the adjuster out? Who knows, I am confused.

But what I am asking is that I get some input from others who have gone thru similiar situations and what their outcome was. My problem I have is, our insurance company will not cover as did not have "flood" insurance. It was not a option living on top of a hill, so its not covered. Even renters insurance wouldn't cover it. Does not even give me an option to pay extra for it. So see, basically I am stuck in a rut. I simply cannot wait to find out what will happen.

Everyday, since July 4th. Yes July 4th. I have prayed for the Katrina Victims more recently. And to all other Flood Victims as well. In order for me to make it thru this rough time, I am finding the stories of surviving thru something so near and dear that helps me cope. I have been extremely depressed and find myself sleeping alot. Because of everything that has happened. I also have a 10 year old Son who also lost alot of his toys. Why were his toys in the basement you might be asking? He got into trouble, and I know he is afraid of the basement. So I took his toys away, a move I deeply regret to this day. He has went with his Dad on that very day so he would not have to watch me throw everything away. But what I didn't know is, when he would come home that he would go out and start digging thru stuff to find his toys. He cried, and cried because his toys were gone. I can't imagine what a child feels losing his possessions at such a young age.

If anyone can give me some light, whether its positive or negative its fine. I can handle it. I just want what is best for me and my Son. I am now starting to save my money from PayPerPost to buy a new washer and dryer if things don't work out.

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