Thursday, August 09, 2007

I hate shopping for Car Insurance.

But its a State requirement for everyone and its something that I have come to find out is very important to have. Finding Auto Insurance is very important to me, learning from experience in the past and more recently. I just found out yesterday that one of my Best Friends was in a serious car accident last Friday which was my birthday. It totally broke my heart to hear about it and I've been so upset and tearing myself apart for not being there for her. If she would of called me, I would of dropped whatever I was doing to be there. I am greatful she is ok, but her car is totaled. Talking, the motor is where her radio normally would sit. The car buckled up in the middle so the seats are leaning outwards are both sides. Her door would not opened so they used the jaws of life to get her out. Thank goodness they both are ok. Her 4 year old daughter went up to the man that hit them and asked him, Why he hit her Mommy? Why he hit them and make them hurt? Pretty smart 4 year old in my book.

So while I've been home, I been searching for the best insurance, and Advantage Auto Quotes was pretty easy to navigate and they set you up or match you up with insurance companies. There were only a couple of screens and questions to answer, just like if you went to a insurance agency. I sent mine in, and it was actually cheaper than the place I called today about. I am also including Renter's Insurance with the Water Backup plan. I am tired of losing stuff due to other people's mistakes and me having to pay for it all. Its totally not right. I can't stress it enough, sometimes insurance companies don't stress what isn't covered. Like Flood damage isn't unless you have that rider and in a flood plain. In my case, I live on top of a hill. Not a flood plain. But having the Water Backup damage plan is something I know I can feel safe with. Thinking about getting the sewer pump plan too. My family possessions is worth so much.

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