Thursday, August 23, 2007

First Day of 5th Grade...

And I just read thru the syllabus and omg. Book Son hates to read and write. What the heck am I going to do? I am so torn up over this part of schooling because I, myself failed on how to do book reports. I sure hope he pays more attention in class this year and listens to the teacher. He's got the coolest teacher at his school, so I am hoping he looks up to him as a role model. But see how, with school started. The morning RITUAL of fighting begins. I depise this. He loves to argue with me and take his own sweet time getting dressed. I only going to buy him his own alarm clock and start him on waking up himself. He really needs that responsibility. I wake up at 7am during school. That leaves us an hour to get dressed and to school. School bell rings at 8:20am. Soooo, we need to work on a designated time for him to wake up and be dressed by a certain time. He really hates to listen to me. So I read somewhere if you train a child's brain who is ADHD and train to be a "Set" schedule it helps. And everything seems to run alot smoother. I am also impressed by his teacher too that he has a homework club. SWEET!!! I begged for this last year and his teacher was just too busy in her homelife to help out her students. That irritated me. I am sorry, my attitude is. If your a Full Time teacher, you should be dedicated to helping your students. My Son has a learning defiancy where, and what he reads. He doesn't comprehend the meaning or where its going. I had that same problem when I was in school. Soo, off to school we go now.

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Jill said...

OMG I'm not ready for book reports! Kiddo is the same way. She cannot stand to read anything unless she has an interest in it. And writing? She has ALWAYS hated writing. I wonder if she will have book reports this year too. She's in 5th this year too.

Your son and kiddo are almost exactly alike in so many ways. The morning battles are a huge problem here too and the getting dressed. OMG... Kiddo will take off her nightshirt and take another 20 minutes just to put a clean shirt on, another 20 minutes for pants, etc. We really need to work on that here too. Ugh!!!!