Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Blah, Blah, Blah

School starts here in two days. I know I am excited but I know my Son isn't. He's wanting to stay out of school forever, but we all know that isn't gonna happen. But I do have a funny story. See his Father got married on Saturday. Congratulations to the "Happy Couple". I am so pleased to see he took that step yet again and I didn't corrupt him from being happy. Yay! Well, our Son decided to be a pain in the behind. No problem...because see my Son has this issue that if its not about him then he will do anything to make you upset. Wonder where that comes from? Well, during the reception I guess a kitten caught his eye outside. Let me remind you it was Saturday Night outside an American Legion and the highway wasn't too far away I guess. Well, my Wonderful Son chased this kitten for an hour climbed underneath vehicles and "HID" from this Father. Panic was sent thru the hall as they looked and looked for him. My Ex MIL got so worried she was shaking. They are lucky they didn't call me as I would of went off the boat completely and snapped on his Father. I am sorry, I don't care what day it is. I will always keep an eye on my Son. That is my JOB and my RESPONSIBILITY. Well my Son decides to come walking back in the door just out of the blue. And people were so worried about him. Well yeah, cause what if one of those vehicles would of left and ran my Son over? OMG...the thought alone sent chills thru my spine. Because not only would it of been his Wedding day but also the day of his death. Because that is my Son too and I have fought to raise him every single day since June 11, 1997. I am not about to lose what I have now. This post is in no way of promoting violence, just speaking my mind about my dear precious Son. Which by the way is at his Grandma's til' tomorrow. Only because I have to work and earn some of that green stuff.

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