Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Welcome to my lovely little life. Here I am trying to create new memories and snotty ass people have to make the worst comments on something so tragic and try to turn it into something that its not. Granted its not what the Katrina Victims went thru and now I completely understand exactly what they have and still are going thru with losing all their possessions to a flood/hurricane. I have never once called and NEWSPAPER or TV Station on anything, they have found ME. They want my story on to what happened. They want to know why it happened in my neighborhood where road construction just so happen to be going on at the same time. So now in about 5 minutes, my interview will be on the news. They showed up at my house right before noon today without notice, and yesterday was the newspaper wanting pictures of the basement. I am embarassed to what I have to show the city where I live, exactly what has happened but its the only way to get our points across as to what happened in an area that has never flooded before.

On that morning of July 4th...its a day that I will NEVER forget. My Son was to go to his Dad's for the holiday. I stayed up til' midnight the night before getting all my laundry done. Needless to say, it never got done. All my Son's shorts were in the dryer soaking in the dirty mud water. Yah. Being a Single Mom and working paycheck to paycheck, barely making it. Totally devastated me. I work hard just like the next person.

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