Tuesday, July 10, 2007

One way to tell your a Diehard Nascar Fan...

Is when your driving down the road, and hear a funny noise on your tire and you go side to side really fast with your steering wheel to clean your wheels off. Dude I so seriously did that this morning. Was just driving along, heard an annoying noise and I turned my wheels back and forth really fast and it stopped....lol.

I could not believe I did that. But I did. My Son had a blast with me doing that of course. He also had a blast at camp, I am so happy he is going this week. With everything happening around here its nice to keep his mind off what is going on.

I am trying my darnest to get this house organized. Its been making me nuts with how messy it is. But at least it smells so nice in here. No more musty smell from the dungeon. I just need to go vacuum like really bad right now. And get things ready for tomorrow. I like having being prepared and not rushing around in the mornings.

Not sure if this appropriate but we are in need of a prayer for a friend of mine, his kids' Grandpa is in the hospital and its not looking good. So if you can say a prayer that would be wonderful.

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