Monday, July 30, 2007


That is about what describes my weekend. And I am wishing it was last Friday again. Me, Dawn, Nicole, Andrew and Jonathan all went to Adventureland...and had a blast. As usual. Or at least I did. Going anywhere with my friends, means having tons of fun. I think its the idea of getting to spend time with them is what means the most to me.

Now for the fun part, when we arrived at Adventureland. The first thing we did was the Space Shot. Both Dawn and I did it. The kids...were kinda like. ummmm NO. Then we went to the Raging River, if I get things out of order its because I am still half asleep. Went to The OutLaw Roller Coaster...(FUN) and the water ride that shoots down a long hill. We also rode the Dragon, Tornado and watched the kids ride a few rides. We stopped in Newton,IA on the way back to check out the race track there. Pretty cool might I say.

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