Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Light in my life...

And I am seeing it...whoot. Can't really tell or say too much as I always jinx myself with everything I do. I do know that Jonathan and I are going to Adventureland this year. I am so excited, it was looking grim for a little while here with our flood and stuff. I guess there is no better way to start the beginning of our memories again with our annual trip to Adventureland with his daycare. He goes with his Dad as well but it seems more special when we go together. I guess you can say with me being a single Mom, he still loves me. I give him a couple of years before he tells me he hates me and all. He's only ten, I still want to enjoy the kid side of him before he grows up. We all know when the teenager thing hits, all hell breaks loose.

Well gotta finish getting ready for work, and him for day camp. He's having a blast.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jill said...

I am so glad things are looking up. Adventureland sounds fun!!!

I thought you deserved a little award, btw. ;)