Sunday, July 15, 2007

Imagine living this messed up life.

I have been living since July 4th. A day when everyone should be celebrating our freedom and enjoying family. I only got to enjoy one of those amenities. My Parents stopped by to help and emotional support to everything I lost due to the citys/contractors neglect of the storm drain. I spent my entire day, wading thru 3 feet of water in my basement, hurting my knees in the process, even though I just had surgery on June 12th for my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Yes I moved items that were extremely heavy, it hand hurt for days afterwards. Why were these items heavy? They were waterlogged. Plastic totes that filled up with water to the brim. Yet everyone thinks that plastic totes are perfect in case it floods. But when you get the amount I rec'd. It doesn't help one bit. I had the newspaper get in touch with me about my basement in which ended up on the front page of the newspaper as the top headline. Because of that write up, 53 people have filed claims against the city. Tuesday night is a Council Meeting and I am going. I printed out all my pictures that I taken the day of the flood and the aftermath of the mess. My landlord lost her furnace and hot water heater. In which the city can replace those items, I lost sentimental items and other collectibles in which cannot be replaced. For instance baby pictures, baby clothes, art work from my Son from pre-school, Yearbooks, and birth certificates.

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